Frequently asked questions

  • How do I send emails with Horta?

    Horta automatically emails subscribers with relevant jobs whenever you publish a new role on your ATS. You don’t need to email talent manually.

  • How can talent subscribe to my job alert?

    Talent can subscribe to your job alert from your Horta job alert page. This page can be sent to talent and installed on your career site.

  • What information do I get on talent?

    You will always get talent’s email address and the departments they’re interested in, and they can also share their Linkedin profile. In this case, Horta will also store their employment and education information (e.g. current job, past employers).

  • Do I need help from engineering or marketing to start using Horta?

    No, as soon as you create an account, you will get access to a hosted Horta alert ( Through this page, talent can subscribe to your job alerts. You can immediately start sharing that link with your network and talent. Adding Horta to your career page is also very simple. It’s a JS widget that only requires two pieces of code to be installed on your page. If you require engineering help to implement and customise the widget, contact our sales team to hear about our Business plans.

  • Can I email talent directly?

    You cannot email talent directly through Horta. But you can export talent’s email address and email them from your preferred email client or CRM.

  • How do I create a job alert page?

    You can create a job alert page — where talent can subscribe to your future jobs — on Horta. The only information you need to create a page is your ATS and your account name.

  • Where can I access my subscribers?

    You can access all your subscribers, their email addresses, the departments they’re interested in and their Linkedin profile on Horta. You can also export this information into a CSV file.

  • Which ATSs does Horta support?

    We currently support Greenhouse, Lever, Recruitee, Ashby, and Workable. We’re working on integrating with more ATS. Want us to integrate with your ATS? Then head to our sign up page to request.

  • Why do I need to connect to my ATS?

    Horta connects to your ATS to know when you post jobs. Whenever you publish a new role, we email your subscribers.

  • How do you handle privacy at Horta?

    Horta only stores opt-in talent information, meaning information talent has chosen to share with you. When they subscribe to your job alert, they’re subscribing to your company’s recruitment privacy policy.